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KatinUnelmat – Kati’s Dreams

KatinUnelmat offers you beauty for everyday purposes and for special occasions.

We stock unique and stylish ladies’ clothes from France and Germany, in addition to exquisite jewellery and other accessories. Our selection also includes Colose’s range of natural cosmetics.

The shop KatinUnelmat awaits at the Järvisydän of Rantasalmi. You’re most welcome to come and have a look!

We also offer everyday and glamour make-up.

Download the Colose brochyre in english (PDF, 1,2Mb)

Review in english (PDF, 0,96 Mb)

KatinUnelmat Shop

Järvisydän SPA, Porosalmentie 313, Rantasalmi

Kylätie 29, Rantasalmi

Kaarina Kovanen

Ph. 040 68 70 700

katinunelmat(at katinunelmat.fi